List of services

Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

Analysis of commercial activities and business solutions to determine whether they are in compliance with criminal law. Legal representation of clients before law enforcement bodies and courts at all levels and at all stages of criminal proceedings. Preventive measures to protect businesses from criminal prosecution. In the area of economic crime, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, with the participation of experts in the areas of law, finance, accountancy and taxation.

Our diversified practical experience in the field of Russian criminal law allows our specialists to solve non-standard tasks with the best possible result for the client. The company provides a full range of services, from consultancy and legal analysis to internal corporate investigations and representation of the client's interests in court.
< br> Types of works provided as a part of the service:
< br> • Advising on the prospects of the legal support in criminal procedure.
< br> • Provision of legal aid to a person during pre-investigation checks involving such person.
< br> • Representation of interests of a legal person or an organization when special investigation activities, inspections and seizures of documents are effected in the premises of the organization.
< br> • Appeal against actions (failure to act) of the representatives of the agency in charge of preliminary investigation, investigation authorities and public prosecution department, with the preparation and submission of procedural documents.
< br> • Preparation and filing of other procedural documents: applications and petitions designed to protect the interests of the represented person.
< br> • Organization of expert examinations, obtaining specialist opinions, consultations of specialists and experts in various fields.
< br> • Support at the stage of initial inquiries and pre-trial investigations.
< br> • Support in court.
< br> • Criminal law analysis and evaluation of the operations, economic activity, possessory and economic arrangements for the presence of constituent elements of criminal offence.
< br> • Preparation of legal opinions under criminal law.
< br> • Participation in negotiations.