IPT Group signs a cooperation agreement with Belorus Export LLC

Jurisprudence 20 April 2016

Pursuant to the Parties’ agreements, IPT Group extends to the Client a comprehensive business development service package.  

Belorus Export LLC develops a food trading business for foods manufactured in the Republic of Belarus. The foods are distributed under Belorus trademark; the business targets Russian consumers and the goods are already on shelves of Moscow’s major supermarket chains.

The goods assortment is going to be substantially expanded in near future and shall include dairy and meat products, groceries and associated food categories. The Parties are committed to see Belorus trademark become one of the top-3 Belarus brands in the Russian market.

‘IPT offered an exclusive service of comprehensive investment packaging for Belorus Export business. Together with our Client, we seek to optimise its business, increase the company capitalisation and make sure the company has everything required for bringing in a strategic investor to take the project to a new level. In order to achieve these goals, we use our best practices in three key business areas: legal, finance and investments,’ tells Alexei Streletskiy, Head of IPT Investment & Commerce Business.

Legal support is the foundation for project development. Our experts are creating an optimal and forward-oriented legal structure and management system that will ensure full control over business processes, will be transparent for the shareholders and key counterparties and will preserve the business’ investment appeal. The proposed structure entails the lowest possible tax load and transaction load and may accommodate various options of the project’s further development.

‘We satisfy all finance-related needs of our Client, from accounting support to financing arrangements,’ comments Alexei Streletskiy. ‘In this area IPT acts as an investor and finance-raising agent; it helps eliminate any cashflow gaps, create a procedure of counterparties’ accounts settlement, increase the revenues, improve the balance sheet performance and, as a result, boost the project’s capitalisation. Bringing the company to the investment level is the end goal of our project. Once we have delivered an efficient legal structure and improved the Client’s financial performance we begin assisting the Client in bringing in a strategic investor. On that stage we deliver all necessary presentation and analysis materials compiled into the project’s investment memorandum.’

‘The memo will be distributed, among others, to IPT Group clients and partners that are searching for good investment opportunities. We are going to hold, jointly with our Client, a classical investment road show in the Republic of Belarus, in order to let the investors examine the company’s sources of raw materials and manufacturing facilities and find out more details about the project, including its business partners and counterparties. IPT Group will deem its mission completed once it has arranged a M&A deal for the project whereby a strategic investor may enter in on such terms that are favourable both for the new investor and for the existing shareholders.’

‘We believe in the strength of Belorus trademark and in our Client’s business strategy,’ explains Pavel Korikov, Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, ‘this is why we deemed it possible to offer this Client an exclusive service that requires a maximum level of our involvement and a shared assumption of risks. We are sure that such service will be in demand among Clients who have a strong business idea and who wish to focus their efforts on that idea’s strategic development, while leaving the “technical” support of the project to a competent, specialised team.’

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