IPT Group’s FBO RIGA Project earns Europe’s Best FBO award

FBO RIGA earned the Sapphire Pegasus Award as Europe’s best FBO in the category Handler / Service Provider / FBO.

On April 8, a Sapphire Pegasus International Business Aviation Awards ceremony took place in Prague (Czech Republic). The ceremony was arranged as part of a premium gala dinner at Boscolo Prague Hotel restaurant. Award sponsors included Central Europe Private Aviation (CEPA), Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA) and European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

The organisers endeavoured to make the review of nominees and the choice of winners as transparent as possible: any enterprise engaged in business that matched one of the categories could participate in the competition. Winners were selected by a competent jury and by open online vote at the Award website.

FBO RIGA became the absolute leader in Handler / Service Provider / FBO category, received the First Prize and became Europe’s best FBO.

Roman Starkov, founder and shareholder of Flight Consulting Group which includes FBO RIGA, represented FBO RIGA at the ceremony and received the award on its behalf.

‘We’re very pleased to receive the Pegasus. We’ve been operating in Riga Airport from 2000, and in 2015 we opened our new FBO RIGA business aviation centre that includes a high-tech hangar and a boutique terminal. Already in the first months of the centre’s operation it achieved steady profitability, and we consider this Sapphire Pegasus another confirmation of our success. However, this is just the first step for us, and this award will motivate us to move on and achieve new results!’

This was the first time the award was given but the process was superbly arranged and the winner choice was highly objective. Over 2,000 professionals took part in the online vote to support the best participants. Jury members deserve to be mentioned as well: among them were leaders of the award-sponsoring associations, Mr. Dagmar Grossmann (CEPA founder), Mrs. Anna Serezhkina (RUBAA Executive Director), Mr. Fabio Gamba (EBAA Director) and prominent industry journalists.

‘FBO RIGA considers this Sapphire Pegasus an important milestone and a token of its reputation as leader in the market of business aviation services for companies and passengers. It is important that the award is an international one and that European and Russian companies competed for it. It confirms a high degree of connection between the markets and a great importance of cooperation between the countries,’ said Leonid Gorodnitsky, shareholder of Flight Consulting Group.

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