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Cyprus: automatic exchange of tax data, new property tax rates

According to a notice published on the OECD's web site, in 2014 Cyprus and 43 other jurisdictions (including Malta, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the Isle of Man and the islands of Guernsey and Jersey) confirmed that the first automatic transfer of tax information, in accordance with the standards proposed by the OECD, would take place in September 2017. It is expected that this group is likely to increase in number as the above countries are joined by other countries willing to support the automatic exchange of tax information.

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Tax Disputes in Russia and Abroad

Out-of-court settlement of disputes with the tax authorities, protecting taxpayers' rights, and legal representation in court. Assisting clients during tax inspections. Providing legal advice on dealings with Russian and foreign tax authorities.

As a result of objections and appeals, tax authorities’ claims totalling RUR 350 million have been withdrawn. A total of RUR 1.1 billion of tax monies has been refunded by the state.