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Investment Fund Management

On behalf of its clients, IPT Group has successfully created and operated a business that earns rent by means of real estate unit investment trusts. RE unit investment trusts invest in Class A and B+ office and warehouse properties, street retail and residential property. The total value of the net assets of these RE unit investment trusts is RUB 10 billion.

In 2013, RE unit investment trusts professionally managed by IPT Group yielded an income of 34 per cent per annum for their clients. According to Kommersant Publishers and RosBusinessConsulting, in 2012-2013, RE unit investment trusts managed by IPT Group ranked among the top 10 investment products of this type in Russia. The National Managers League rated these RE unit investment trusts among the TOP-5 fast-growing funds in 2013. In the Bloomberg 2013 rating, one of the funds managed by IPT Group ranked the best in terms of the speed of growth of the net assets.